How to choose a comb for every hair type

What combs do we use for our daily hair care? Do they can fit our hair type? We will see out these and other important questions from beauty experts and trichologists. Visit this link to gain more ideas: comb and brushes

A little about the evolution of the crest


At the dawn of civilization, the eastern woman's hairbrush was nothing more than a sharpened fishbone. The Slavic peoples successfully used wooden combs made and decorated by craftsmen. How big the device depended on the intended purpose: take care of the beard or combing the braids of a long-haired beauty. In Japan, in accordance with ancient traditions, the comb for the chosen one was created by a son together with his own hands. If the girl was completely content with the grade of the hair clip and she meant to offer a positive answer to the chosen one, then the comb smoothly passed into her hairstyle, if not - in to the drawer of the dressing table. Newer combs with natural bristles from pigs and even hedgehogs appeared in medieval salons along with the flourishing of hairdressing. Together with the invention of plastic by the end of the 19th century,assortment and possibilities.


How many types of combs do you want


Based on the recommendations of stylists and trichologists, every woman should have at the very least three combs:


  • a comb for thoroughly combing the strands;
  • round brushing brush for high-quality and comfortable styling;
  • massage comb for evening care, involving increased blood flow in the root zone.


Strands of short hair are well lifted by way of a fishbone comb with sparse teeth and many holes. You are able to straighten curly hair and provide additional ionization employing a special electric comb.


To achieve these goals, it is very important to choose the most suitable material for a beauty device, its intended purpose and the capability to obtain the required result with constant use.

What material of the comb to select


  • Wood is the most environmentally friendly, affordable and popular material, there's no static electricity. At the same time, it's significant disadvantages: it quickly darkens, in contact with oils and chemicals in the case of coloring; harsh with poor-quality teeth processing.
  • Metal - in the presence of balls on one's teeth, it serves for quite a while, doesn't give static discharges, certain models of combs are indispensable when creating complex hairstyles and styling with fleece. Hard teeth aren't made for daily use, as they further damage the hair.
  • Plastic - easy to clean, non-traumatic, versatile in terms of hair type and age. With no anti-static coating, it causes hair to become electrified and is not considered an environmentally friendly material.
  • Silicone is just a new generation combs material, extremely soft, gentle to hair, optimal for used in coloring, perfect for dry hair.
  • Ceramics, ebonite, carbon - an easy task to comb through hair, have antistatic properties, hypoallergenic, don't melt from high temperatures during styling. They're not at the mercy of the action of chemicals and are most in demand by professionals.


Look after thick and coarse hair


The very best choices for thick and coarse hair are combs with sparse and flexible teeth, produced from hard but delicate materials such as for example silicone, ebonite and carbon. Ignore massage brushes made of natural materials and with the exact same bristles. Washed coarse hair will soon be well combed by way of a universal comb from Tangle Teezer Wet Detangler Hairbrush (from 250 UAH), and for voluminous styling, we advise you to purchase a thermal brushing or “skeletal comb&rdquo ;.

How exactly to lay thin and split ends


For thin and dry hair, trichologists recommend looking after brushes with soft bristles, gently massaging the scalp, “stimulating” new hair follicles and stimulating hair renewal. For volumetric styling in the arsenal, it's worth having a semicircular comb-brush and “fish bone” or “skeletal&rdquo ;.We eliminate metal combs, replacing them with natural bristles and options with silicone teeth. If tangles cannot be avoided, choose a fine-toothed comb. The price of Marlies Moller Allround Hair Brush starts at 900 UAH.